"Ananya is a person in whom you can confide your secrets, worries, and fears - this dark side that we all have. She is filled with love and tenderness and always puts herself in my shoes.

Ananya found solutions for my problems and gave me the key for a new understanding of myself

and my relations with those I love. I'm truly grateful for her."


J.R., Spain

I reached out to Ananya for help with some orgasm issues I was having. She guided me on a journey of understanding and awareness about myself that was filled with love, knowledge and beautiful energy. She helped me open my mind and make the connections within myself that have changed my life. I still have much to learn and do but I would encourage anyone who desires to understand their own mind and heart to work with her.


- D.C., Oakland

"Ananya is so much more than a coach to me. She is simultaneously guide, teacher, compassionate witness, advocate, enthusiast... Her work with me has allowed me to radically change my relationship to my sexual self and my experience of sex and intimacy. She helped me revisit some old parts of myself that needed love, and gently bring them to the surface where we could love and heal them together. She has supported me in finding a new experience of myself as a loving, gentle, passionate man in the world. She has shown me a path to even greater transformation that lies ahead. Above all, she has helped me learn to love myself."


A.M., Oakland

My time with Ananya was beyond anything I expected. Her combination of smarts with non-judgmental presence had me talking about aspects of my life that I had never imagined discussing with anyone. Every week I looked forward to our sessions. The insights I received were real and lasting. Highly recommended!"


R.S., Los Angeles

This experience has been so transforming for me. I have learned so much in the last eight weeks, tools that I can use for a lifetime. I have been struggling with childhood abuse that has carried on into my adulthood and has affected my adult relationships. I have learned how to care for and love myself and how to be kind to myself. I have discovered that it is OK to have boundaries and to lean back and let others take control. My relationships have been a disaster up until now, but I am finally in a healthy relationship, and I am truly enjoying the peace and ease that comes with it. Also, prior to starting the sessions I was having night terrors almost nightly most of my life. These sessions have taught me that rather than struggle and fight the night terrors when they would come on to face them with curiosity and love.


S.B., Saskatchewan

Thank you. For holding space, for helping me deal with this, for existing to make structured help like guided masturbations and coaching to really help along my journey. And of course for giving me copious amounts of pleasure. You might be life changing.


S.J., Sri Lanka



 Scientist and yogini Dr. Ananya Harvey inspires thoughtful men, women, and couples to awaken from frustration and shutdown into a life of freedom, power, and love.